Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Passover Candy Update

So I searched for Passover candy and found one resource. The Source for Everything Jewish offers a dark chocolate Seder plate and a box of chocolate plagues.

The Gentiles get jellybeans, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and those ubiquitous pink and yellow marshmallow Peeps. We get plagues.

We escaped slavery in Egypt, parted the Red Sea, spent 40 years in the desert, and we get rewarded with what? A box of chocolates depicting locusts, boils, lice, flies, bovine disease, frogs, hail, darkness, dead babies, and a river of blood.

Better get an extra box for Elijah.


Martha said...

.....Better get an extra box for Elijah.....


Anonymous said...

How about matza roca?? Is that a tasy treat?

Anonymous said...

How about matza roca?

Anonymous said...

This candy issue illustrates the number one hurdle for Jews: tradition. If you guys would just let go of the past like the Christians, you would be enjoying tasty holiday chocolates, too. Were early Christian test kitchens inhibited by traditional Easter symbols? No way! Who would say "yummy" to candy crowns of thorns or nibble on a nail from the cross? Nobody. But just borrow some innocent symbols of spring -- bunnies, chickies, duckies -- and voila! No more downer death penalty novelties...and marketplace history is made!
In other words, "it's about the econony, stupid!" You can't let religious symbolic accuracy spoil a chance to make a buck.
Chocolate lambs with a tasty Snickers center would be a good start. Just be sure to hold the blood.