Friday, March 10, 2006

Your Windsong Stays on My Mind

German fragrance manufacturer Vivaeros has decided that the scent of a woman’s vagina belongs in a bottle. Their latest offering, Vulva, is supposed to remind you of “an authentically natural vaginal flavour.”

Since when has all womankind been reduced to one scent? And if my vagina has a “flavour," it’s most likely Cherry Garcia.

So, girls, if those personal ads aren’t working out, simply spritz yourself a few times with Vulva, and jump on a crowded subway.


Anonymous said...

A BIG FAT belly laugh!!!! I gotta get me some of that.......and then go to Bourbon St on a Friday night!

Make me said...

That was soso funny.. I fancy mine to be chocolate brownie fudge...Hmmm, maybe a little dab will do ya...