Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And Your Little Dog, Too

My plumber recently told me that the guts of my office toilet are held together with Elmer’s glue and dental floss. He suggested replacing it with a Toto. Huh? The only Toto I’d heard of was a small, yippy dog that helped turn Judy Garland into the patron saint of gay men.

After a little research, I learned that Toto is the largest manufacturer of toilets in the world, producing more than seven million toilets annually.

But it gets better. I took a look at their products and nearly plotzed. They don’t just make toilets; they also make washlets. Who knew relieving oneself had become so evolved?

A washlet is sort of like a combination toilet, bidet, and sprinkler system. The Toto Washlet S300 features a heated seat, an automated lid, an aerated rinsing system with temperature control, a warm air dryer, and a self-cleaning system. And it comes with its own wall-mounted control panel and remote, so you can alert your commode to your arrival, and have the seat and spritzer set to your preferred temperatures.

Save me a prune Danish.


Nat said...

A client of mine just ordered this same toilet! He went up to LA to "test-drive" toilets for his re-model. Being a man of impeccable design, he had thought of getting one of the suave Italian numbers but when the sales assistant advised him that these particular models were not "leisure" loos, he opted for the comfortable, newspaper-reading toto, remote and all.

Martha said...

>>>Save me a prune Danish.


And btw, having watched the little intro to the Toto site, what I wanna know is: Does the toilet come with a mermaid, or does that cost extra?

Martha said...

>>>>He went up to LA to "test-drive" toilets for his re-model.

Wait, you can DRIVE these things, too???

What a terrific idea for reeeeeeeeally long commutes!