Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Sign

So I put a big "NO on 8" sign in my window on Monday. Friends have suggested I confront my neighbors, but I don't want to argue with them, I'd rather have an intelligent debate.

But their lifestyle is based on the Bible, and I'm sure they'd just use 5,000-year-old Leviticus 18:22 as the rationalization for their position on Prop 8.

It's like I'm a Mac and they're the Rosetta Stone.


Robin said...

Way to go, Liz! Every time I see a Yes on 8 bumpersticker or sign, which, thankfully, is rare, I want to retch. I hope your ignorant neighbors see their hateful Yes on 8 vote washed away by a sea of No's.

JeSais said...

my friend, and her partner (oops, I mean now SPOUSE) did in fact confront, gently their neighbor and said, "just wanted you to know we're getting married on Saturday..." and YES, he quoted Leviticus. and his wife mentioned they have a son who's gay. So they already had a face to the "issue" and it didn't matter. They are voting to deny their own child a fundamental right. sad, really.

BTW I came over from San Diego Writers Online... your profile said this was a humor blog. This prop 8 stuff is NOT funny! relevant, but not funny.

Liz said...

D'accord, JeSais, there's nothing funny about Prop 8, but the blog description is "rants, kvetches and humor..."

Thanks for your input!