Monday, October 13, 2008

8 = Hate

I live on the top floor of a duplex. My downstairs neighbors are a family of four: husband, wife, and two teenage sons. They run a small Christian school and are good and decent people.

But they hate me.

Well, not me in particular, but they hate gay people, or at least that's what the yard sign in front of our building tells me: "Yes on 8. Protect marriage."

This breaks my heart because we've had a very good relationship for the past year or so that I've lived here. We've had interesting discussions about religion, exchanged small gifts over the holidays, and have been there for each other during issues with the building.

But now we're on opposite sides of Proposition 8, the ballot measure that, if passed, will amend the California constitution to take away the right of same sex couples to legally marry.

My neighbors' "Yes on 8" yard sign went up while I was out of town this past week. Now I need to add one more task to the list of ten million things to do on my first day back. I'm going to find the biggest damn "No on 8" sign there is and place it in my front window.

Don't forget, my ancestors survived the original Philistines. We're used to kicking ignorant ass.


Shtetl Fabulous said...

Props to you and no on Prop 8 from the other side of the country! It's astonishes me that somehow people are threatened by other people's marriages. I'm straight and I totally believe that any two consenting adults should have the right to marry, inherit, be on each other's health insurance, etc.
Fight the Power!

Liz said...

Thanks. It's weird sharing a building with people who feel their literal interpretation of the Bible allows them to reinvent Christian doctrine.

Reamworks said...

Christians are idol worshippers and polytheists. They worship 3 gods, men, objects, and money. Don't worry...they'll get theirs come judgment day.

Liz said...

Can't say I agree that all Christians are like that, but I am uncomfortable with the ultra right-wingers who are so intolerant of others.

Anonymous said...

Let me know if I should picket in front of their house. I'm writing up my No on H8 sign.


Liz said...

No picketing, but thanks for the offer! I'd rather engage them in a debate, although I'm sure they'd use 5,000 year old Leviticus 18:22 as their rationalization.

It's like I'm a Mac and they're the Rosetta Stone.

Epicure68 said...

So much for loving thy neighbours. Or was that taken out of the bible when people started wanting equality?

Anonymous said...

you can't be jewish on vote no on this one - period

Liz said...

In my opinion, the government should stay out of my religious beliefs, and religion should not be involved in my civil rights. Period.