Saturday, October 04, 2008

Schlepple off to Buffalo

This year I'll be spending Yom Kippur at my childhood temple in Buffalo. I have vivid memories of being in that sanctuary, squirming in my uncomfortable dress (we never wore pants to shul), and reciting the Al Cheyt, the prayer in which we ask G-d's forgiveness for a litany of sins.

Al cheyt shechatanu lefanecha b'ones uv'ratzon - For the sin we have committed against You by (fill in the blank).

At age five or six, it hadn't occurred to me to abuse power, slander someone, or commit many of the other sins on that list. But when my parents looked right at me as they recited the Al Cheyt, I began to truly understand the meaning of Jewish guilt.

So off I schlep to Buffalo, because there's nothing quite like atoning with Mom.

G'mar chatimah tova.

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Liora said...

Have you checked out "The Great Schlep"? It's a fantastic web-based movement to send young-ish Jews down to FL to convince their grandparents to vote for Obama.

Have a sweet and happy New Year, from one (novice) Jewish blogger to another (more experienced and prolific)

Lori/Liora B