Friday, August 10, 2007

The 3-Ounce Brain Rule

I didn't have time to buy decent snacks before going to the airport, so just prior to boarding my six-hour flight from Boston to San Diego, I stopped at a Wolfgang Puck sandwich kiosk located right outside the security checkpoint.

I knew that if I opted to fly without food, my in-flight choices would be a limp, tasteless and still-frozen sandwich for $5 and a snack box consisting of such healthy items as potato chips, a candy bar, cookies, and pork rinds for $3. So instead, I purchased a turkey sandwich on focaccia bread (which, despite its supposed lineage, wouldn't even pass as Wolfgang Puck's step-child) and a very overpriced bottle of water.

I'm well aware of the three-ounce liquids in a Ziplock bag rule. But I figured that because the sandwich stand is within spitting distance of the security checkpoint, and subject to airport and TSA scrutiny, my unopened bottle of water would be safe. And there were no signs indicating passengers must consume beverages purchased at this kiosk prior to going through security.

Silly, silly me. Once my carry-on bag reached the bowels of the X-ray machine, an alarm went off and one of the TSA agents screamed, "Bag check!" My potentially life-threatening water was whisked away to an undisclosed location, and I had to go find another kiosk inside the secure area in order to purchase a terror-free bottle.

You know what really terrifies me about air travel? I think the TSA shares one brain, and you never know which airport has it.


Epicure68 said...

Would they have been satisfied if you just chugged the water down to the allowable limit? Hey you're lucky they didn't decide to strip search you right there and then to see what other liquids you may be terrorizing the other passengers with.

And as always, you're too funny!

Liz said...

I can't tell you how many times I've been pulled out of line to be wanded and thoroughly searched.

And then there was the time the TSA confiscated my nail clipper. I guess they were afraid I might threaten the flight crew with manicures.

Epicure68 said...

I can't wait to go visit my sister with (gasp!) knitting needles in hand. Or maybe they won't bother with me cuz I'm so short, I'll slip right under their noses unnoticed.