Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wayward Word Nerds Unite!

Last week while I was vacationing on Cape Cod, I heard that one of my favorite shows on public radio had been canceled. "A Way With Words" produced at KPBS in San Diego, had aired in several cities across the U.S. for eight years, and was a font of knowledge for word nerds like me.

Taking a moment to put down my 18th lobster roll, I exchanged a few emails with my good friend "A Way With Words" co-host, Martha Barnette, to find out the scoop. The show might be experiencing a temporary hiccup right now, but it'll be airing again at some point from somewhere else. You can bet on that!

If you want to know more, visit Martha's blog.

If you're a word nerd and don't know about the show, you can visit their new website to find out about past episodes and podcasts, and to track the new show's progress. And tell all your word nerd pals, too.


Martha said...

Thanks very much, Liz!

Yep, hearing that KPBS was suspending production was indeed a shocker, but there's lots of great stuff happening behind the scenes even as we speak, and we're very excited about bringing you the future version of "A Way with Words."

It's almost enough to make a gal believe that things happen for a reason. Well, not quite -- but almost.

Meanwhile, you can keep up with what's happening with the show by signing up for our email list here:


(Liz, I know you know how to turn that into an HTML link -- I only wish HTML were Greek to me!)

Liz said...

Here's the link to the "A Way With Words Email List.

But we all know that Greek to you is as easy as a day at the Acropolis. And HTML is actually Geek to me.