Monday, August 20, 2007

No Hos At This Hoedown

I watch a lot of baseball, and when you watch sports on television, you're subjected to ads for three things: trucks, beer, and erectile dysfunction remedies.

This commercial, showing five down home men a-pickin' and a-grinnin' as they sing about the joys of Viagra, made me wonder if it was produced by the people at Saturday Night Live.

Apparently - amid, er, stiff competition - the Little Blue Pill is trying its hand at a different approach to advertising - there are no women in the spot. Just a bunch of middle-aged guys in flannel shirts having a jam session.

And, weirdest of all, they're singing about how Viagra keeps them from straying. Now that I've got good wood on-demand, it's all just for you, baby.

Right. And the dog ate my homework.


JahTeh said...

As though any sane straight woman would want an eighty year old wrinkly anywhere near her. Men and their vanity, laughable.

Ha, word verification was apfspump.

Liz said...

But what really brings the bile to my throat is the idea of a Viagra-fueled Hugh Hefner having regular shtup-a-thons with 20 year olds.

I get the whole f*ck for fame thing, but ewwwwww!

JahTeh said...

Hugh looks like he's already embalmed and not even for fame would I f*ck that old corpse.