Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Becoming a Corporate Speak Geek

So I'm writing a case study for a high-tech company and I just finished interviewing the VP of Field Delivery.

For all I know the guy I just spoke to moves farmland around because after the first 10 minutes of the interview, I felt like I was waist deep in cow pies. I heard all about best practices and business elements that define world-class performance levels. I learned that this company is striving to be the best in their market-space, and looking to impove their metrics in customer satisfaction.

And their website is even better. These guys provide ECM and BCM solutions to help manage mission critical content. They also deliver processes to better manage highly scalable enterprise content and process management platforms using the full spectrum of connectivity by automating and streamlining critical tasks.


It's not that I don't know what they're saying, I just wish that I could write for them using easily understood language that doesn't make everything sound like a conversation between Captain Kirk and Bill Gates.


Anonymous said...

Its all about the common platform used "enterprise wide".
Somehow the word "company" changed to Enterprise" about 7 years need to ask Martha Barnett if the word company is close to extinction.

Liz said...

In the corporate world it seems like the English language is close to extinction.

Thanks for pinging me.

ZZiby said...

Our firm is writing a "vision statement" and a senior person tol me that I would be asked to read it to see if it got me jazzed up to work there.

I said that's great but I think you should first ask what does this "vision statement" say? He wasn't too keen on that idea. After all what does the rank and file know about true greatness?