Monday, February 20, 2006

Kvetch Not Often

We all kvetch about silly things. For example, nothing in my kitchen appeals to me for lunch. Woe is me.

But at least I don’t have to choose between love and faith like the three women in the documentary “Keep Not Silent.” After seeing this film, I don’t feel justified to complain about anything going on in my life. And I come from a long line of uber-kvetchers.

“Keep Not Silent” features three Orthodox Jewish women living in Jerusalem who identify as lesbians. All are deeply devoted to their faith and are trying to make sense of the complex relationship between Orthodox Judaism and homosexuality. Every rabbi consulted seems to have a different opinion, but all agree that sex not resulting in procreation is against Jewish law.

One woman lives openly with her partner but is shunned by her family, except for two siblings. Another lives with her husband but has a clandestine relationship with her girlfriend whom she sees a few times a week, and the third, married 20 years with 10 kids, has been longing to be with a woman for years, but tries to pray away the urges.

I live openly with my partner and we belong to a Reform synagogue that accepts and respects our relationship. Suddenly, everything in the refrigerator looks delicious.

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