Saturday, November 15, 2008

Police Estimate 25,000 at San Diego Equality March

It was overwhelming to be surrounded by so many people, gay and straight, who were marching for the same cause - equality for all.

Chris and Dan - married in June and together for 13 years - wore shirts that Chris designed (see previous post). And Chris donated his design to march organizers who printed it on many of the volunteers' t-shirts.

The whole day was exhilarating and emotional. I felt empowered and hopeful as I marched with friends and strangers.

But I have to throw in a little kvetch about the weather. Enough with the Santa Anas already! It was easily 475 degrees on that pavement. I felt like an out and proud woodfired pizza.

For more details and additional photos, visit Rex Wockner's blog.

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