Thursday, November 13, 2008


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Everything happens for a reason.

Not everyone agrees with that theory, but it makes sense to me. For example, because Prop 8 passed, gay activism has been reborn.

Because Prop 8 passed, a 26-year-old Seattle woman created Join the Impact, a movement that has inspired worldwide protests against Prop 8 and other exclusionary, anti-gay laws.

Because Prop 8 passed, its aftermath has reached far beyond California. People who might never have gotten involved in political causes are joining together, gay and straight, to work for equal rights. There's new energy. Grass-roots movements are popping up everywhere.

Because Prop 8 passed, conversations about gay rights are happening in unlikely places. People who've never met a gay person are getting to know their gay neighbors. Closeted gays are rethinking their need to stay silent.

And that's why I believe Prop 8 passed for a reason.

Even if you don't believe in the EHFAR theory, you can't deny that sometimes our perceived insurmountable challenges yield amazing results.

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