Friday, April 04, 2008

G-Spot GPS

G-spot amplification is the latest trend in female sexual enhancement. Men get a little blue pill; we get large hypodermic needles.

The G-Shot works like this: first you're injected with an anesthetic. Then you're injected with human engineered collagen. And then supposedly your G-spot plumps up like a Ballpark Frank on a hot grill to about the size of a quarter. Although, with the current recession it may feel more like a dime.

And, if you believe the hype, your elusive G-spot, something your frustrated partner equated with a tiny town in rural Ohio, will be as easy to find as the Statue of Liberty.

Personally, I'd rather date someone with a good sense of direction.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Good sense of direction is important, but knowing my body is too. It always pays to fiddle around and find out what feels good, before having a guy "experiment".

I wonder how many people get jabbed with a needle without knowing exactly where the sweet spot is for them?