Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shake Your Groove Thing

We homos get blamed for everything. Now an ultra-right wing member of the Israeli parliament is blaming recent earthquakes on Israel's tolerant attitude towards homosexuality.

In an article in Britain's Telegraph, Shlomo Benizri of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Shas party said this:
"Why do earthquakes happen? One of the reasons is the things to which the Knesset gives legitimacy, to sodomy," Benizri said during a parliamentary debate on earthquake preparedness.

"God says you shake your genitals where you are not supposed to and I will shake my world in order to wake you up," he added.
If we actually were capable of such phenomena I think we'd do something much more universally appealing, like rid the world of back hair.

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rk said...

Well, if those shaking genitals are to blame, I'm pinning the rap on Paris, Britney and the Pamela/Tommy Lee video.