Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Trouble with Angels

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. What the hell kind of a baseball team name is that? It sounds like someone is taking himself a little too seriously. Who named this team anyhow? Thurston Howell III?

Yeah, yeah I know the real reason for the convoluted name change. The latest owner wanted to "re-brand" the Anaheim Angels as an LA team because LA is a more recognized market.

But a clause in the contract requires that "Anaheim" stays in the name. So now we have to deal with this silly mouthful of a pedigree.

In the meantime, I'm counting on the Crimson Hosiery of Boston to kick some serious Halo derriere.


JahTeh said...

Sounds like a great name for a team in Lala land.

Sanity is returning here with the end of the football season. The Grand Final was won by a team that's been a dog's dinner for the last 40 years so even I watched.

Now is the best, Spring Racing Carnival and drunken tarts falling out of their dresses.

Liz said...

Just did a bit of research on Australian football. These guys don't wear much for such a rough sport!

Is the Spring Racing Carnival as crazy as your gay Mardi Gras?

JahTeh said...

Melbourne Cup week is one long party on and off the racetrack. The infamous carpark party place has given way to snooty sponsor Marquees. One friend back in the 80s behaved himself all day but going home, walked into the carpark and staggered out the other end, blind drunk. The Champagne flows and flows and in many cases comes right back up.
I would say there is nothing like it in America.

Liz said...

Melbourne Cup Week sounds like a wild time! The only thing we might have to rival it would be the bourbon-soaked events during the week before the Kentucky Derby.