Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Losing My Religion

I'm so tired of having Jehovah's Witnesses ringing my doorbell and asking if I'd like a pamphlet about Jesus. And I appreciate the whole freedom of religion thing, but some religions seem to have more freedom than others. But I digress.

I know these people have the right to go door to door selling Jesus, but I hate hate hate it when they ring the doorbell of a house with a mezuzah. Hello? We're Jews. We're not looking to switch teams. If you're such a big religious scholar then you should be able to recognize Hebrew.

And that thing on my doorpost isn't a crack pipe with a note from my mom inside.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we bother you about so much. (I'm a Jehovah's Witnesses myself) I you dont want them to come back just say I'm not interested and I dont want you to come back here. That useally does the trick.

YogaMama said...

I used to be a bit annoyed by those door-knocking bible-thumpers too. I've changed. I am happy that they spread their religious passion by offering to talk to me. They try to be pleasant and do take not thank you as an answer. I find myself comparing them to those religious fanatics that believe they need to either convert, subjugate or execute those of other beliefs. Now, when the JW's come to my door, I graciously explain that I am Jewish, but I add that in view of the ever-present violence in the Middle East, I appreciate that they offer their messages in such a peaceful way.

A NY JW said...

Hey not all of us are clueless!

Anyhoo, since you guys are waiting on the Messiah perhaps next time we can discuss him - we praise and honor him ourselves ;^)

Liz said...

Just to set the record straight, I'm always polite when the JWs come to the door. I point out the mezuzah, we exchange pleasantries, and it's over. Until another JW comes by and it's Deja Jew all over again.

JahTeh said...

Depending on my mood, I'll either out-talk them or ask them why they aren't in India or Africa doing something more practical or a combination of both. Come Easter, we have Mormons, JW's and Seventh Day Adventists all chasing converts but asking for their views on same-sex marriage sends them off.
They don't like to be questioned.

Epicure68 said...

Like anonymous said, just tell them to take you off their list, and they should leave you alone for 6 months.

We've only had one encounter in the 8 years in our house. Could be that DH, being a former JW, gives off bad vibes?