Monday, April 17, 2006

The Geezer Pleasers

Okay, will someone please explain to me what’s so hot about shtupping an 80-year-old guy who’s hard of hearing and hangs out in his jammies all day? Apparently Hugh Hefner’s personal bevy of blonde bunnies has been reduced from six to three because there was just too much jealousy and competition.

You’re kidding me, right?

I get that being one of Hef’s hand-picked shtuppettes gives a girl a little more, um, exposure but it’s hard for me to believe that these women are actually fighting with each other for the privilege of a few wheezy moments of Viagra induced boning with a guy who's old enough to be their grandfather.

I guess they’re just a bunch of Electra-lites. Great taste. Less Filling.


Dott Comments said...

I think they get paid. No really, don't they get a place to live and a wardrobe allowance (such as it is)?

By the way, "shtuppettes" sounds so much better than "whores" don't you think?

Liz said...


I'm sure the shtuppettes are rewarded with many sheckels and lotsa teeny tiny articles of clothing.

Not enough incentive for me to shtup an 80-year-old guy, but to each her own.